What’s Included in My Massage?

When it comes to getting your first massage, or even just your first with a new therapist, some people can get nervous not knowing what to expect from it. If this is putting you off booking a massage, then this blog is here to calm your nerves. You can read all about what to expect from your massage and what will be included.

How to prepare for your massage

Before you come in for a massage, there are certain things you can do to improve its effectiveness and make the experience more comfortable for you. You should make sure you are well hydrated, remembering to drink plenty of water the day or two before your massage.

Having a full stomach or full bladder during your massage could make you uncomfortable, so make sure you don’t eat too much right before the massage and that you go to the toilet before your session. Drinking alcohol the night before or on the day of the massage could also disrupt its effects and can be harmful.

What areas will be treated?

This will depend on the type of massage you go for and what you want from it. Some massages will cover the entire body while others will concentrate on smaller areas. Massage typically starts on your back and then moves down to your legs and then any other body parts involved in the massage.

If you have an injury that needs treating or anywhere that is particularly tight, then this can be focused on. You can discuss this with your massage therapist in a pre-session consultation with them, so they are aware of anything they need to know.

Most massages involve your massage therapist applying pressure directly with their hands and maybe their elbows for those tough spots. Others, however, may use other resources like hot stones for a hot stone massage or suction cups for cupping.

Available add-on services

There are various add-on services that are available with your massage, so you can ask your therapist about these before you start or when you book. One service that we include as standard with your massage is a head massage. This is an extremely relaxing form of massage that most people agree feels great! It has other benefits, too, like relieving headaches and promoting hair growth. However, you can ask for this to be skipped if you’re not comfortable with it.

If you have any more questions about our massage services and what to expect from them, then you can check out our FAQ page or get in touch with us online or by phone.