Even if I’m vaccinated, do I still have to wear a mask?

Yes, you will still need to wear a mask regardless of vaccination status. Until this mandate is lifted from the State and NC Massage Board, this will be our protocol here at the spa. 

Is every member of the staff vaccinated?

Legally, we cannot disclose staff vaccination status or medical history, but we are taking the utmost precautions with our staff (including daily temperature and symptom checks) to ensure your health and safety while you unwind. 

*Also, check out our most recent blog (https://www.mymoonstonemassage.com/covid-safety-protocols) to see the extra measures we are taking to keep you safe. 

What are your Covid protocols to keep me safe? 


What are some reasons we can refuse massage to clients?

  • It is at our discretion if a client isn’t a good fit for the spa— this could be if our services are no longer able to help you or outside of our scope of practice.
  •  Being hostile and not respecting the environment we’ve cultivated
  • Inappropriate behavior of any kind 
  • Consistently being late
  • Frequent cancellations or no shows 

Our number one priority is the safety of you, our team, and the energy of the spa. With this in mind, we will not tolerate any form of abuse. This includes: 

  • Sexual abuse of any kind
  • Inappropriate comments 
  • Physical abuse of any kind  
  • Verbal abuse or any offensive language 

If this occurs, your session will be immediately terminated, and you will be expected to pay in full for your session. We will never compromise the integrity of the spa, and have zero tolerance for any form of abuse. 

How can I best prepare physically for my appointment?

Get comfy! Wear comfortable clothes, be free of jewelry, and prepare to unwind. We also recommend showering before your session to ensure you are clean and free from body odor and strong perfumes/fragrances as you will be in close proximity with your therapist.  

How do we protect client information at the spa?

No information about a client can/will be released or discussed with anyone besides that client. We vow to keep your information safe and confidential, always. 

Can I request a female/male therapist?

Of course, we are happy to accommodate your preference however we can. 

Can I be given a refund for a purchased gift certificate/package?

We do not administer refunds for GC or packages, but you are able to gift these away to another person with written notice to Moonstone Massage within the expiration date. Please feel free to call us with any questions surrounding this. 

What is your policy on “no shows”?

If you do not show up to your appointment at the scheduled date/time, you will still be charged in full per our cancellation policy

Our therapists customize each service specifically for you, and if you are unable to show up to your appointment, it becomes unfair to our staff, guests on our cancellation list, and will further push back you reaching your goals for body, mind, and spirit. 

Can I pay with cash at the time of service?

Yes, you are more than welcome to pay with cash. But we must have a credit card on file at the time of booking to protect our therapists time in case of a no show. (See cancellation policy) 

What is your policy on ‘draping’ during massage sessions?

Your comfort is crucial to us, and per the NC Massage board, you will always be draped/covered unless that specific part of the body is being worked on. 

Will I get the full appointment time? 30/60/90 minutes? 

Absolutely. We value your time and believe your actual session length should reflect the amount of time you are actively being worked on. 

 With this in mind, we give cushion time in between appointments to make space for consultations, undressing, re dressing, etc. so that this time doesn’t get cut off from your session. 

Can my minor receive a service at the spa?

We offer massage and facial services to minors of at least 12 years of age. A parent or guardian must sign a release form, and stay with the minor in the room for the duration of the session. 

For massage services, minors will be placed with a same gender therapist. 

What do I need to know regarding cancelling my appointment?

Due to the customized and individualized nature of our services, we prep our treatment rooms in advance for that particular service. 

With this in mind, if you do need to cancel your appointment, please let us know 24 hours in advance. We reserve the right to charge for sessions not cancelled within this period. 

We automatically send a confirmation email/text when your appointment is booked, an email 48 hours before, and a text reminder 24 hours before. This ensures you are fully aware of your session time, and have ample opportunity to call us if something comes up. 

If you schedule an appointment for the next business day (and the 24 hour window cannot apply), you must reach out by the end of that day to cancel. 

What time should I arrive for my appointment? 

We recommend arriving 10-15 min. before your appointment time. This will give you extra cushion time to find our facility, park, get settled, and prepare to relax. 

Should I leave gratuity for my session?

Tips are always appreciated, but are never expected or required. You are welcome to leave gratuity at the end of your session, but the best tip you can give is a 5 star review on our site/socials:

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