Now Hiring Massage Therapists

Are some spas so big you feel like a number?

Are some so small you worry if you’ll have enough clientele?

Then we could be the right fit for you!

At Moonstone Massage Therapy we have worked hard for the last five years to build a thriving business with a reputation for excellence. (Check out our reviews on Google.) Fortunately, we succeed. We were voted Number 1 TWO years in a row by the Winston-Salem Journal. Unfortunately, we now have more clients than we are able to see. Can you help us? Do you have a valid massage therapy license in the state of North Carolina? Are you looking for employment (full or part-time) at a spa that offers great pay (we start SEVERAL dollars higher per massage than our competitors) , benefits such as IRA matching, continuing education, and discounts with the ABMP? Did we mention we are closed on Sundays and close at 5 on Saturdays because work-life balance is important to us! Our ideal candidate will have an interest in continuing their education in Hot Stones and Cupping (if you aren’t already certified in these areas). We are looking for someone to share strong commitments to promptness, professionalism, and excellent service. Why should you come to work with us? We strongly believe you should spend your time doing what you’re best at, massage! We don’t expect you to do laundry, have existing clients, or run your own business.


  • We provide all tools and equipment, including all products and laundry.
  • All employees are trained, so you’ll never feel lost or unprepared.
  • We follow the law and contribute to our employees’ taxes as all good employers should. Our employees are just that – employees! (That means no 1099’s!)
  • We support your continued professional development by hosting and paying for classes.
  • How important is experience? Not super important, we believe many healers have a natural intuition when it comes to massage but experience is always welcome too. We greatly prioritize hard-working applicants with positive attitudes, regardless of if you are fresh out of school or a seasoned veteran!


  • Licensed massage therapist
  • In good standing with the massage board
  • Able to do three 60 minute massages per day