Massage,pain relief,table massage,chair massageA facial is a series of friction used to rejuvenate skin to maximum health. A facial contains cleansing, toning, varying types of exfoliation, extractions and skin analysis, an appropriate mask for the client’s skin type, facial massage and moisturizing/eye cream.

Types of facials:

Signature Facial:
The signature facial is catered to each client’s specific skin type. You will experience a relaxing experience while riding your skin of congestion and restoring radiance.  ( Can be modified for rosacea, sensitive skin, dry skin, etc…)
Anti Aging:
Tighten and tone your skin with our signature facial. Doctor Eckenstein’s Aloe Vera Lifting Mask gently restores collagen. Every Anti Aging facial includes a red light treatment.

Express Facial:
Our thirty-minute express facial is perfect for the “on the go” client who needs a pick me up for their skin.

Men’s facial:
Deep pore cleansing and soothing extractions revitalize skin while easing any razor irritation.

Seasonal Facials:
We should look into a pumpkin enzyme for fall and market our blue mask and moisturizer (blue targeting thoughts of winter and snow), but the blue mask and moisturized are for dull dry skin J