Moonstone’s Monthly Wellness Plan is designed to keep you on your monthly self care routine and save money at the same time! Our Wellness Plans are not a contract, so  you can pause/cancel at any time. Call us at 336-918-8115 to sign up or learn more about our plans! 

“Wouldn’t it be nice to come in once a month and feel this way all the time?”

We’ve created a Wellness Plan that is an affordable way for our clients to visit us regularly for massages AND save money!

“What is a Wellness Plan?”

Unlike other massage chains, our monthly program is not a contract. Meaning that you can pause or cancel your draft whenever you’d like with no penalty charges. We ask for 2 weeks’ notice to have sufficient time to ensure the draft is stopped. Our draft is on the 1st of every month, all that we ask for is a card on file for your draft. Weren’t able to visit us during the month after you’ve already been drafted? No worries, your massage will rollover on your account and never expire! So you can either get two massages the next month or give them away to a friend or family member. Just ask the front desk and we can get you a personalized gift card.

“What options do I have?”

We have 3 great options when it comes to our Wellness Plans!

Basic Plan: This plan is a one hour massage for the price of $79 (Saves $20)

Deluxe Plan: 1 hour massage with an upgrade of your choice $85 (Saves $29) 

VIP Plan: 90 minute massage with an upgrade of your choice $109 (Saves $35)

“What if I want to get more than one massage a month?”

Your initial draft on the 1st of the month will cover your first massage for that month. If you’d like to come in a 2nd , 3rd or even 4th time your massage is further discounted. You just pay at the time of service for additional visits. Additional visits are exclusive benefits for the main Wellness Plan account holder.

Additional Visits:

One hour massage: $65 

90 minute massage: $95

“How do I sign up?”

Signing up for our plan is easy! You can sign up online at or call the Spa at (336) 918-8115 to sign up over the phone

Terms and conditions for all Wellness Plan Members: Wellness Plan credits are not eligible for refunds. Any rolled over massage or facial credits may be given away to friends or family at no additional cost. We require 2 weeks written notice to pause or cancel your wellness plan in order to allow changes to take effect before the next billing cycle.