What are the Benefits of Salt Scrubs?


Sea Salt has natural relaxing and soothing properties. Unlike the processed product you find in your salt shaker, sea salt maintains its natural minerals. The minerals in sea salt, (potassium, iron and zinc) have a neutralizing effect on acids in the body.

Epsom salts, like sea salt, also contain beneficial minerals. Magnesium is the key mineral in epsom salt, which the body requires for muscle contraction, relaxation, nerve functioning, and more. The sulfates in all salt types are key for flushing out toxins.


Salt scrubs are used as a popular body treatment to soften skin. After the scrub is applied by gently massaging it into the desired area of skin ( which can be anywhere from face to feet) the scrub is washed off to reveal smooth, glowing skin.


Exfoliation – Using salt to scrub away dead skin leaves room for fresh cells to generate and leaves your skin looking and feeling great! When applying these scrubs it is ideal to move rub in a circular motion in order to be most effective.

Increased Circulation – By stimulating your body by either massaging the salt scrub into your skin yourself, or having it applied by a professional massage therapist, you increase blood flow. Increased blood flow can relieve pain and lead to an increase in energy.

Relaxation – Salt scrubs can be infused with an aromatic essential oil like lavender, mint, etc. These soothing aromas have various beneficial effects from boosting mood to assisting with sleeplessness.

Moonstone massage offers salt scrubs that can be scented your way OR you can pick from one of our pre-made mixes.

To purchase your own jar today, or for any questions, call me at:

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