The Effect of Massage on Tension Headaches

Massage has almost countless benefits to our physical and psychological health. It is not only an effective way to relax and treat sore muscles, but it can also be used to treat or ease a number of illnesses and ailments that are traditionally left to modern medicine. These ailments include migraines and headaches, more specifically the tension headache.

What causes tension headaches?

A tension headache is a common form of headache that is generally described as a tightness in the head, as if something is compressing or restricting it, especially across the forehead and around the temples. It is not entirely known what causes tension headaches, but they are often associated with high levels of stress and even lack of sleep.

Other factors can make tension headaches more likely and can heighten the sensation, including bright lights, dehydration, and bad posture.

How can massage help sufferers of tension headaches?

Painkillers can bring relief to sufferers of tension headaches, but it does not prevent them from reoccurring. Plus, if you regularly suffer from these kinds of headaches, then it is not a good idea to be taking painkillers for them as frequently as you might need. When it comes to relieving tension headaches and even getting to the root cause of them, massage is an effective treatment that’s a natural alternative to medication.

For pain relief, massage helps to relieve pressure from around your neck and shoulders as well the head itself. High levels of stress and sitting at a computer and desk all day can lead to a lot of tightness in the neck and shoulders, which could be a contributing factor towards tension headaches. Massaging these muscles helps to relax and loosen them, releasing the tightness that can affect other surrounding areas.

Massage can also help to decrease stress and anxiety, helping patients to relax more easily. As stress is thought to play a major role in the cause of tension headaches, massage can seriously help to reduce their frequency as well as reducing their severity and length when they do occur. The relaxing effect of massage also makes it easier for patients to fall asleep and stay asleep at night. Improving their quality of sleep also majorly reduces stress levels throughout the day.

If you regularly suffer from tension headaches, then massage therapy might be just what you need to relieve your pain and stop those headaches int heir tracks. Get in touch if you would like more information about our treatments, or you can book with us directly online.