Tips for First Massage Therapy Experience

Uses of massage therapy re different for each person. It may be a special treat you rarely experience, or it may be part of your weekly routine. Either way, you’ll have to experience the environment for the very first time. If you have questions about massage therapy etiquette, you’ve come to the right place.

Once you’ve decided to get a massage and chosen a massage therapist, you must be honest with yourself as to the reasons you’re getting a massage. This will help your therapist provide the best service.

If you have booked an appointment be sure to arrive about 10 minutes early for your first session. You may need the time to fill out some paperwork and meet your therapist.

Your visit will typically begin with a consultation with your massage therapist. Let them know the reasons why you’re there – pain relief, relaxation, or you just want to see what it’s all about – and they will be able to customize your appointment to help meet your needs.

One of the most common questions we hear is “What should I wear during my appointment?” This experience is all about your comfort, so come dressed however you like. During the session, you’re allowed to wear as many or as few items of clothing as you feel comfortable in. You will be fully covered during your session and we’ll accommodate you any way we can to help you feel more at ease.

Communication leads to relaxation. Your pre-session consultation will give your therapist an idea of the type of massage you need, but don’t be afraid to speak up during the session. Let them know if they are applying the right amount of pressure or if they are working in the right location. Our therapists are trained experts, but they can’t read your mind. Open communication will ensure the best massage experience possible. Communication could also help identify add-on services that will best enhance your massage.

After your massage, enjoy the feeling of rejuvenation. Hydration is typically recommended after a long massage session. If you appreciated and enjoyed your service, you can leave a gratuity for your masseuse. Don’t forget to book your next appointment before you leave! Having the experience and knowledge of the offerings fresh in your mind will allow you to book the ideal service for next time.