Why you should offer chair massage to your employees

Offering chair massages to your employees may seem like an odd thing to do. Yet it is becoming more commonplace in the corporate world. Some offer them as a part of their corporate wellness program, while others use it as an incentive. Google has their very own massage therapist that states they have massages available eight hours a day, five days a week. Companies that truly care about their employees are starting to take measures to help keep their valuable employees healthy and happy. There are a multitude of benefits to offering a corporate chair massage to your employees.


To begin with, company massage decreases employee turnover. By offering regular massages to your staff, you will increase productivity and they will be happier to work for you. Stress and unhappiness are often why an individual chooses to leave their job. By helping them destress and feel more productive, your staff will want to stay with you for even longer. Corporate massage also helps reduce anxiety and depression which aids in keeping everyone on task and focused.


Unhappy, frustrated employees are absent more often. Stress can manifest in a number of physical ways which, in turn, causes them to call in sick. Regular chair massage helps with tense muscles and back pain as well as insomnia. These may not be serious injuries, but employees will “play hookie” for these types of ailments. Major projects at the office will put serious pressure on them and in turn cause them to call in sick.


There are many benefits to regular massage that many are often not familiar with. In addition to providing relaxation and stress relief, there are lots of lesser-known benefits. It is great for boosting the immune system. Massage can help support the immune system as well as aid in reducing those stress hormones that can drag down the immune system. Some studies have shown regular massage helps with other issues such as ADD/ADHD, fibromyalgia and emotional disorders.


Not only will it help you keep the employees you have, but it will help attract new talent as well. Corporations that offer chair massage to their staff are looked upon as top places to work for. You will no longer have to look for the best, they will start coming to you as well. Corporate wellness programs are what many companies are turning toward as benefits for their employees. These programs help enrich the lives of their staff and keep them healthier and happier than they would be otherwise. By implementing corporate chair massage into your corporate wellness program, you are showing everyone that those who work for you are important to you and that you care about their well-being.


Lastly, healthcare costs can be a big expense for corporations. Carpal tunnel and tendonitis are common issues that cause workers compensation claims. Regular massage is great for helping with these disorders and other repetitive task injuries. Not only that, some of the most expensive healthcare costs can be helped with regular massage and in turn reduce costs.


With massage, it’s a bit like getting ahead of any potential problems that may arise later. You may think of it as an unneeded expense, but in the long run you could actually cut company costs and create happy as well as healthy staff.  Bringing in a massage therapist even once a month can make a dramatic difference. Contact us at Moonstone Massage Therapy to book a corporate chair massage for your company.