’Tis the Season to be Relaxed

The holiday season can be a stressful time, especially if you have to host family members. But it should be a fun and relaxing time that you can spend with those closest to you, however and whatever you’re celebrating. Here are some tips to help make this holiday season your most relaxed and enjoyable one yet.

Go easy on yourself

Sometimes, the most amount of stress comes from the pressure we put on ourselves. If you’re having people over on Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, or New Year’s Eve, for example, it doesn’t have to be the party to end all parties. You can’t make everything perfect, and that’s okay! Give yourself a break and enjoy the day rather than stressing over every detail.

And for most people, enjoying the holiday season means indulging in all their favorite foods, so go easy on yourself when it comes to eating, too. If you’re trying to eat healthily or lose weight, one or two days isn’t a big deal. So enjoy yourself and your favorite food and drinks.

Taking the pressure off gift-giving

There can also be the pressure to give the perfect gifts during the holiday season. Remind yourself that it’s the thought that counts, and your loved ones will appreciate being able to spend this time with you, no matter what you get them. If money is a concern, then consider handmade gifts instead, or have a conversation with those closest to you in order to manage expectations and maybe agree to a price limit.

If you have young children, you don’t have to spend a fortune on making their Christmas great – they have no concept of how expensive a gift is and will simply love the excitement of opening presents. Also, don’t leave buying gifts (or food) until the last minute as this will only pile on the stress.

Ask for help

You’re not solely responsible for making the holidays special for your entire family. Ask your partner, your kids, and other family members for help when you need it. If you’re having family over, you could ask them to each prepare and bring a dish rather than leaving you to prepare the perfect feast.

Treat yourself to relaxation

Take a break over the holidays to rest and recuperate. Treat yourself to a relaxing experience, such as a nice long bath or a peaceful walk on Christmas morning. A massage or a spa day could be the perfect reward for making it through the holidays, so treat yourself or ask for a massage voucher as a gift from a family member.

If you need a relaxing massage this holiday season, then contact Moonstone Massage to book an appointment with us, or purchase one of our massage gift cards to show your love and appreciation for someone special in your life.