The benefits of going to a local spa

Spas vs. Independent Massage Therapists

There are lots of places out there where you could go for a massage or other treatment, so how do you know which to choose? There are a number of factors to consider, but one of the big ones is whether to go to a big spa, an independent massage therapist, or a small, local massage business.

Read on for some of the pros and cons of spas and independent massage therapists to help you decide where to book your next treatment.

The benefits of going to a large, chain spa

A big chain spa business is likely to have large premises and lots of fully trained staff with different specialties. This means they are likely to have more availability than smaller businesses, making it easier to get appointments when you want without having to wait. They may also have a greater selection of treatments to choose from other than massage, all with professional staff and comfortable, relaxing treatment rooms.

The benefits of going to a local spa

Smaller, local spas usually have a smaller selection of treatments available, or they might offer just as much as the bigger spas. It really varies from one business to the next. However, it is likely that they will have smaller premises and, therefore, fewer treatment rooms and fewer employees. Employees at small or local spas should still be highly trained professionals, ensuring that you get a quality massage treatment.

One big benefit of local spas compared to chain spas is that they are likely to offer a more personalized experience and level of customer service. With fewer employees and, usually, fewer customers, they can get to know their customers better and understand what they need from their treatment. Also, you can feel happy with the fact that you’re supporting a small, local business.

The benefits of going to an independent massage therapist

Like local spas, independent massage therapists can get to know their clientele better and offer a personalized service. Plus, you still get that nice feeling of supporting a local entrepreneur and improving the success of their business. This kind of massage therapist may be less regulated than those in spa businesses. So, while most are well-trained professionals, there may be more variation in skill and experience levels when choosing an independent massage therapist. 

Independent massage therapists often don’t have their own premises, meaning they offer massage therapy in the homes of their clients. This can be good or bad, depending on your individual opinion. On one hand, it is extremely convenient, making it easier for you to fit massage into a busy schedule. You may also feel more comfortable being massaged in your own home than in an unfamiliar place. Other people, however, may feel less comfortable doing this in their own home. They may also find it less relaxing, particularly if you have kids or pets running around the house while you’re getting massaged.

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