Sick of Back Pain? Try Therapeutic Massage Therapy!

Think that massage is just a luxury treat when you’re feeling a bit stressed? Think again! Therapeutic massage can be an essential component of your physical and mental health regime, especially for those suffering from an illness or injury, or recovering after an accident or surgery.

Therapeutic massage is especially beneficial for those suffering from common ailments such as back pain and stiffness in the shoulders and neck. Read on for more information about therapeutic massage therapy and how it can help with your back pain.

What is therapeutic massage?

The term “therapeutic massage” tends to refer to massage therapy for the physical health benefits and structural changes it provides for the patient and their body. This may be in contrast to massage treatments that are done purely for relaxation and stress relieving purposes. Therapeutic massage is normally an ongoing treatment, with changes occurring over several weeks of therapy rather than in a single session.

Therapeutic massage has also been used as a term that differentiates legitimate massage therapy and practitioners from the not so legitimate ones.

Many different types of massage therapy are classed as “therapeutic”, including sports massage and deep tissue massage. These treatments certainly focus on structural changes in the body, while gentler treatments like Swedish massage are more focused on relaxation, although they do also offer physical benefits.

How can therapeutic massage help you?

For those suffering from chronic back pain, even everyday tasks can be a painful challenge. Regularly receiving therapeutic massage from a trained professional can help to relieve this pain and even treat the cause of it.

Therapeutic massage can break down “knots” and areas of tightness in the muscles by the massage therapist applying pressure and manipulating the tissue. These areas could be a source of pain and reduced mobility, so eliminating the tension in the muscles helps to improve flexibility and mobility while also reducing pain levels.

Therapeutic massage also stimulates blood flow around the body, which is essential for a speedy recovery after an injury, or even after a tough workout. More blood flow to the affected area means that more oxygen and nutrients are being delivered to the tissue, which helps it to repair and recover faster.

But don’t think that therapeutic massage is a grueling treatment that only benefits you in the long run. Therapeutic massage does still offer lots of mental benefits related to relaxation and those feel-good chemicals, endorphins.

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