Practicing Mindfulness During Your Massage

Mindfulness and mindfulness meditation are all about living in the moment and really paying attention to all the sights, sounds, and other sensations you’re feeling in that moment. It offers lots of benefits for your mental state and wellbeing, particularly when practiced regularly.

Receiving a professional massage can be a very meditative experience, so it could be the perfect opportunity to practice some mindfulness during your session.

How to practice mindfulness

You can practice mindfulness during whatever you are doing. All you have to do is gently place your focus on the different sensations that you notice during that activity, and gently bringing your attention back to these things whenever your mind wanders to specific thoughts or feelings.

Let’s say you’re out for a walk. Pay attention to how your feet feel on the ground with each step. Notice the weight of your arms as they naturally swing, your breath as you move, the feeling of the breeze on your skin. Or next time you’re eating, really take a moment to notice how the food feels, tastes, and smells as you hold it, bite into it, and chew it.

You can also practice mindfulness meditation more specifically. Click here for some comprehensive instructions on how to get started with mindfulness meditation. As you sit and meditate, you can try different things like focusing your attention on your breath or scanning your body to notice how you feel in that moment. It’s okay if your mind wanders; just gently bring your attention back to the breath when you notice this happening.

Massage and mindfulness meditation

Have you ever become distracted during a massage thinking about one thing or another? And before you know it, the session is over and you realize you weren’t really appreciating how good it felt or how relaxed you were. Practicing mindfulness meditation during your massage can help you enjoy and appreciate it as much as possible, and help you get as much benefit out of it as you can.

During your massage, focus your attention on the massage therapist’s touch as they work their way around your body. Focus on how it feels, how your muscles feel, the aromas and sounds in the room, your relaxed breathing. This helps to keep your mind from racing, ensuring that you can fully relax during your treatment. It also keeps you in tune with your body, which helps you identify any problem areas that you’d like your massage therapist to focus on.

If you want to try a mindful massage, then book an appointment with Moonstone Massage in Winston Salem. We offer a wide range of professional treatments that could really complement your meditation practice.