Massage for peripheral neuropathy

Peripheral neuropathy is caused by damage to the peripheral nerves. Your peripheral nerves are what sends signals from your brain and spinal cord to the rest of your body. When these are damaged, you can feel stabbing, tingling or burning pain. It all depends on which nerves are damaged as to where and what the individual will feel these sensations. There are quite a wide range of causes of peripheral neuropathy, so if you think you may have this condition, it’s best to consult with your physician. They can run a series of tests to find out what exactly is going on in your body.


If you have been diagnosed, you may be looking for ways to help cope with the discomfort. A number of people that have been diagnosed with neuropathy feel pain or discomfort in their feet or hands. This could mean pain in the hands or feet as well as muscle weakness. While you should always continue with your traditional treatment plan laid out by your doctor, it’s also wise to ask them about massage therapy for your peripheral neuropathy. Massage therapy is a safe and natural but your doctor will know for certain if it is a viable addition to your treatment plan.


How can massage help peripheral neuropathy?

Massage has a number of benefits that could assist someone with neuropathy. With repeated use, there could be a reduction in spasms and cramping, and improvement in joint flexibility. Massage releases endorphins which is your bodies natural painkiller. It can also help with by stimulating lymph flow which in turn can help your body build its immunity and create a better defense. Massage also increases the oxygen flow to muscles, tissues, and organs which can help improve your circulation.


The perks of massage are more than just physical. Many with neuropathy struggle with anxiety and depression due to their pain. They could also have issues sleeping, not be able to concentrate as well and feel fatigue. Massage is very well known for helping reduce anxiety and depression. It also helps many get a better sleep at night, as well as feel much more energized throughout the day. With regular massage, these benefits can last longer and allow those with peripheral neuropathy to possibly find some relief from their symptoms. Regular massage has been shown to greatly increase the benefits of massage for the recipient.


If you live in or around Winston-Salem we would love to be of service to you. Here at Moonstone Massage Therapy in Winston-Salem, we have some of the best massage therapists who would love to discuss with you how they can help you find some relief. Be sure to speak with your doctor first about massage therapy and if it would be beneficial to you. Then we would be more than happy to give you a personal and professional treatment plan. We will discuss what we feel may help you best and keep you involved in the process. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!