Four Reasons Why You Should Try Cupping

Are you still on the fence about cupping? We’ve already explained a bit about what cupping is and how it works, so now let’s look at some of the key reasons why you should try it. Don’t be put off by the weird marks it can leave behind – these are temporary and should not be painful. Here are a few reasons why you should try cupping.

1. Relieves Pain

Like any massage technique, cupping is a great method of pain relief. It increases blood flow to the treated areas, helping to speed up healing and recovery as a result. Cupping can also help to break down adhesions like knots and scar tissue in and around muscles, which helps to relieve stiffness and related pain. Back pain, shoulder pain, headaches, and arthritis are just a few conditions that can be helped by cupping.

2. Promotes Relaxation

Another commonality of massage in general, cupping is ideal for relaxation. The increase in blood flow helps you physically relax by removing any tension you may have. It also has relaxing and stress relieving effects on your mind, helping you to rest and relax, and even promoting better sleep. You might even find yourself nodding off on the table during your treatment.

3. Supports the Immune System

As well as promoting blood circulation around your body and to affected areas, cupping also helps to move lymphatic fluid around your body. With these two factors combined, cupping helps to boost your immune system and prevent or relieve symptoms related to asthma, the common cold, allergies, chronic coughs, and more.

4. Improves skin

Another benefit of increased blood flow is that it is great for your skin. The increased blood flow and the oxygen and nutrients delivered in the blood help to tighten the skin, improving areas like stretch marks and cellulite. Your massage therapist may also use essential oils in the cupping treatment, which have lots of their own benefits on your skin. The heat used in the cupping treatment (to create the vacuum within the cups) is also beneficial, promoting the renewal of skin cells.

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