Benefits of massage for fitness enthusiasts

If you are a fitness enthusiast, you know that your body needs just as much rest as it does exercise. Off days and stretching are always good, but you may not have thought about massage as a great way to take care of your body too. Your body will be able to rest much more effectively with a massage. Muscles and joints both benefit from a restorative massage. At Moonstone Massage Therapy, we take pride in our work and really get to know each and every client that comes through the door. We can tailor your massage to help your body recover by focusing on where you may need it most. If you recently had a rough leg day, let us know and we can be sure to focus more on the sore and tight muscles.


Massage for fitness

Massage is a great way to help your muscles recover. If you are doing some intense physical training, your muscles, joints and even your mind could use some rejuvenation. A soothing massage is well known for helping ease tight or tired muscles. Working those knots out or any stiffness from changing up your workout can make you feel renewed. Getting regular massages can really help your body recover more efficiently in the long term. Your range of motion can be improved and you can feel much more mentally prepared. After all, sometimes just starting the workout is half the battle. Fitness is just as much about your mindset as it is about your body.


It doesn’t matter what your fitness level is either. You don’t have to be a part of an intense fitness program in order to see results by adding massage. You could be an older adult that walks for their exercise or a younger high school athlete. The benefits are for anyone who has implemented regular fitness into their lives. Any form of exercise can leave your muscles aching.


Massage helps work out any stiffness and also triggers your body’s self healing hormones. Even one massage today can help. As with anything, the more you repeat it the better the benefits. With regular massage you will feel much more capable physically and emotionally. You may even find that you enjoy working out more knowing you have a massage to look forward to later in the week. Even if your workout doesn’t leave you sore your body is still experiencing wear and tear. This can really be detrimental to your body in the long run, which is why we feel massage should be a key component to anyones fitness plan. The rejuvenating effects of massage are endless. Not only does it help your muscles lose their tightness and help you mentally relax, but it will help improve your circulation. Better circulation means a healthier body.

Cupping is also extremely beneficial to those serious about their fitness. Check out our blog post What is Cupping? for more information.


If you are in the Winston-Salem area, please visit us at Moonstone Massage Therapy. We would be more than happy to discuss with you what a typical massage session with us looks like and how we can help you.