Baby Massage at Home

At Moonstone Massage, we offer prenatal massage to expecting mothers, offering benefits for both mother and baby. But what about after the baby is born? Both you and your baby can benefit from some simple infant massage techniques that you can practice at home. Read on to find out more about baby massage, how to do it, and the great benefits it offers.

The benefits of baby massage

The early days, weeks, and months are an important time for establishing a bond between a baby and its parents. Skin-on-skin touch helps to boost oxytocin levels, which is a hormone that increases feelings of love and bonding. Spending time with your baby in a calming environment and providing soothing touch will also help to develop trust and a sense of caring and security. This is a beneficial activity for both mothers and fathers when bonding with their baby.

Then there are physical benefits. The relaxing effect of massage can help your baby sleep better, and the stimulation of the massage can help with common problems like gas, colic, and constipation that could be causing discomfort for your baby.

How to massage your baby

When massaging your baby, make sure you choose a warm, quiet, and comfortable environment. Your baby needs to feel safe and comfortable. To help with this and to strengthen that bond, make lots of eye contact with your baby and talk to them a lot. Telling them that it’s massage time will help them get used to what’s to come each time you do it.

Here are some simple steps to follow:

  • Lay them down on their back somewhere soft and comfortable, like a bed, the changing table, or a soft towel or blanket
  • Using slow, gentle, circular motions with your fingers, start to massage your baby’s hand, and then start slowly moving up the arm
  • Repeat the same technique starting with a foot and then moving up their leg
  • Gently massage their tummy and the head
  • If your baby is comfortable on their front, then you can repeat the same motions on their back

At all times, pay attention to how your baby is reacting. If they seem uncomfortable or upset, then stop the massage. If you like, you can use baby oil to reduce any friction on your baby’s skin.

Massaging your baby is a relaxing and rewarding experience for both parent and baby. If you’d like a prenatal massage or would like a moment of relaxation away from your newborn baby after they are born, then contact Moonstone Massage to find out more about our service, or you can book an appointment online.