What to Expect at your First Massage Therapy Appointment

Getting your first massage ever? Great! Here’s what you should bring, wear, and look forward to!

Before you Even Leave the House

  • Don’t worry with putting on a face full of makeup or taking the time to do your hair. (You are likely to be laying face down for a majority of your massage and perfect hair and makeup won’t last long).
  • Feel free to wear whatever you feel most comfortable in!
  • Also, bring a list of your medications. Most people take one or more medications regularly to help manage their health and some of these medicines interfere with the massage. For example some meds can make you dizzy when you get up. Your therapist can take the extra steps needed to design the best possible session for your needs once provided with your list of painkillers, vitamins, allergy meds, disease managements drugs, etc.


Once You Arrive

  • After you are walked back to your room, before leaving, your therapist  will ask you to disrobe to your level of comfort and lye down on the massage table under the blankets. Some people choose to leave on underwear, and some choose to leave on more. You will be completely covered throughout your massage, so no matter what amount of clothing you leave on there is no need to worry about becoming exposed.
  • Your therapist will knock on the door upon re-entering and you will be asked to select an aromatherapy fragrance (at no cost!).
  • Your 60 minutes begins as soon as your therapist actually begins your massage, not a minute earlier – we want all of our guests to get the full 60 minutes of relaxation and therapy that they paid for.
  • Because Moonstone Massage therapists schedule a limited number of appointments per day, having a tired, overworked therapist won’t be an issue.
  • At the end of your massage you will be wiped down with complimentary hot towels to remove all the lotion from your body before you leave.


After the Massage

  • Your therapist will, again, leave the room so that you can redress. If you need some time to sit on the table to reestablish a feeling of balance (and avoid being light headed) that’s perfectly fine.
  • It is a good idea to hydrate after your massage to let your body release metabolic waste which is released when tight muscles and knots are worked out. Drinking provides your kidneys with water they need to eliminate waste.
  • Once you are back in the lobby you can schedule your next appointment. Moonstone massage offers discounted package pricing for clients who want to come quarterly, bimonthly, or monthly throughout the year.

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