Tips for Sitting at a Desk All Day


Many jobs require workers to sit at a desk for the best part of 8 hours a day. As well as the downsides of a largely sedentary lifestyle, this can also be harmful to our posture if we don’t sit correctly or set up our workstations correctly. This is why chronic neck, back, and shoulder pain are so common among office workers.

We’ve rounded up some tips to help you maintain good posture and support throughout the workday.

Setting up your work station

The position of your chair, desk, computer screen, mouse, and keyboard all have an impact on your posture. The incorrect heights can put a strain on your neck, back, or other areas. Here are some tips for setting up your work station correctly:

  • Adjust your chair to a height so that your feet can fully reach the floor, keep your feet flat on the floor while you work. Adding a footstool or other support can make this more comfortable for some
  • Adjust the back of the chair so that it provides adequate lower back support. A cushion or support behind your back can help with this
  • Your monitor should be positioned so that the top of the screen is approximately at eye level. You can use a monitor stand or place it on books to achieve this height
  • How close you sit to the desk and the position of your keyboard should mean that you can keep your forearms and wrists are parallel with the floor, with your elbows at right angles. An armrest or wrist support can make this more comfortable

Choosing the right chair

The type of chair you use also has a big impact on the level of support you receive while sitting at your desk. A chair with an adjustable height and backrest is ideal so that you can adjust your sitting position properly. Look for a chair with adequate lumbar support to comfortably improve your posture, giving your lower back the support it needs. Armrests can also make your office chair more comfortable, particularly if they are adjustable.

Look at ergonomic chairs to help make your workspace more comfortable and supportive.

Get up and move

Sitting for long periods of time can be bad for our physical health even if our posture is correct. So, it’s important to get up regularly, even if it’s just to walk around the office for a couple of minutes. Doing stretches at your desk can also help to improve your posture and relieve some of the tension in your neck, back, and other areas.

If you sit for long periods at work each day, then regular massage treatments can help to maintain your posture and treat any tension or pain caused by this position. Contact Moonstone Massage or book an appointment with us online for a range of treatment options in Winston Salem, NC.