Do Massage Chairs Work?


If you’re looking for ways to stay relaxed and keep your muscles in good condition between professional massage appointments, then there are various ways you can try to self-massage at home. We recently discussed massage guns and how effective they are. In this article, we’re going to look at massage chairs to see if they can help and whether or not they are worth it.

What is a massage chair?

A massage chair is a comfortable chair with a headrest and a footrest. It may use various mechanisms to produce relaxing massaging effects. Mainly, massage chairs use motors to create vibrations, utilizing vibration therapy to stimulate and massage muscles all around your body. More advanced models may feature other mechanisms such as rollers, which may move in circles or other patterns and directions to massage the muscles in contact with those areas.

Depending on the complexity of the massage chair, you may be able to control its various features plus the speed or intensity of the vibrations using controls built into the chair or via a remote control.

So, how well do massage chairs actually work when it comes to achieving the same effects and benefits of professional massage? Let’s look at some of their benefits and limitations.

The benefits of massage chairs

Massage chairs can be incredibly relaxing and stress relieving. Imagine sitting in front of the television with the light touches and vibrations from your massage chair melting away all your tension. As well as feeling nice, this can help to reduce stress and anxiety levels, help you sleep better at night, and relieve physical tension that can lead to stiff and sore muscles.

Another big benefit is that you can use it every day if you own one, whereas you’re unlikely to have the time and budget to have a professional massage every day. Massage chairs can be useful for people with back pain and poor posture as they help to align and lengthen the spine by keeping you in a comfortable, supportive position. The vibration and other methods of stimulation also help to increase circulation like professional massage does, which can have a variety of benefits.

The limitations of massage chairs

While massage chairs are a relaxing experience that you can enjoy on a regular basis, they can’t achieve everything that a professional massage therapist does. Massage therapists use a variety of techniques to achieve the desired effect, and they are able to understand your pain points and alter their technique or target specific areas to help you in the best way. Most massage chairs simply use vibration to offer a few benefits to you, mentally and physically.

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