COVID Update

New Safety Procedures 

24 hours before your appointment:

  • We will call to confirm your appointment.
  • Do a quick pre-screening questionnaire.
  • Ask what car you will be arriving in so we can greet you at your appointment time in your car

Please Note: If anyone comes with you to your appointment they must wait in the car and will not be permitted to wait inside. 

Appointment Arrival 

  • Call or send us a text when you arrive to check-in 336-918-8115
  • One of our employees will come out to you and do a contactless temperature check which will be recorded in your chart. 
  • Before entering you will need to use hand sanitizer (provided) and wear a mask.  We prefer you bring your own mask but one will be provided if needed. 

Doing Our Part

  • Before each shift, each employee will have their temperature checked and wash/sanitize their hands. 
  • If the employee is running a fever or has been in contact with anyone who is running a fever they will not be permitted to work. For that reason we appreciate your understanding if we do need to move your appointment. Likewise, you will not be charged for canceling due to illness. 
  • Employees will be required to wear a mask. 
  • Each massage room’s touchpoints will be disinfected between each client. In order to do this, we are doubling the time between appointments for cleaning and sanitizing. Please continue to be on time. 
  • All common areas such as the checkout area and bathrooms will be sanitized at least once an hour. 
  • We will continue to use our professional laundry service to ensure linens are sanitized to hospital-grade for sheets, towels, and blankets. 
  • We have temporarily removed table warmers as we await a backorder that will allow us to continue their use. 

We still offer hot stones, cupping, foot scrubs, and reflexology as upgrades but have paused couples massages. Massages at the same time will be allowed but we will not be able to offer the same room.

Thank you for understanding these updates policies and we can’t wait to see you!  


First, we want to thank all of you for your continued support, well wishes, and understanding.

This pandemic has taught us many things. I believe the value of small business and how quickly things can change is one of them. We have seen many small businesses in our community close their doors and, as a small business owner, I hurt for them and their customers.

Not just us but ALL small businesses, if there is a small business you love to support them! We want to keep our local communities thriving as a place to, live, work, and play. 

With love, peace, and healing,

Chelsea (Owner)