Why Gemstone Massages Are the Next Big Thing in Self-Care

Gemstones like amethyst, topaz, jade, and many others don’t just look pretty in jewelry and ornaments, they also have a number of health benefits for your mind and body. As a result, they have started to be more frequently incorporated into health and spa treatments, including massage.

What is a gemstone massage?

Simply put, a gemstone massage is a massage that uses the power of gemstones to achieve a greater sense of peace and energy flow through the body of the recipient. Gemstones are applied to the body, focusing on certain pressure points and chakras, and massaged over the skin. As well as gemstones themselves, gemstone wands can also be used in massage, and even massage oils containing traces of certain gemstones. Gemstone facials can also be carried out using these oils and the stones themselves.

Different gemstones are associated with different properties and benefit, affecting the emotional quality and energy flow of the body as well as physical benefits. Your massage therapist may ask you some questions about what you hope to achieve from the massage in order to determine which gemstones are best suited to you.

What are the benefits of getting a gemstone massage?

Of course, a gemstone massage offers all of the benefits that a regular massage does, as similar actions are being performed, plus the added benefits that gemstones are thought to bring. Gemstones are used to interact with your body on a vibrational level, helping to restore the balance in your body by affecting your energy field. Negative energy is cleared, leaving you with a greater sense of peace and relaxation.

In terms of the different gemstones that can be used in this type of massage, here are a few different properties ascribed to them:

Aquamarine – Energizes and brings a greater sense of balance and harmony, restoring peace and happiness.

Ruby – Ruby is often associated with power and beauty, so it can be used for those lacking in confidence. It is thought to empower and clear the negative emotional energy that leads to self-doubt and low self-esteem.

Sapphire – This blue stone is linked with tranquillity and vitality. As it is linked to the throat and brow chakras, it is also used for patients suffering from headaches or a sore throat, bringing a sense of healing to these ailments.

Pearl – Pearl is a great gemstone for soothing and relaxing. It brings a calming energy and also helps to purify the mind and body.

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The Science of Massage: 5 Ways Massage Makes You Feel Better


It has long been known that massage feels good and can be beneficial to our health even as far back as Hippocrates. Over time, people began to realize specific health benefits of massage therapy, like lower blood pressure and a reduction in stress levels. However, it wasn’t until recent years that a greater understanding of the science behind these benefits was really gained.

Let’s look at some of the physiological effects of massage to understand how it actually makes us feel better.

Reduce stress – Cortisol

You always feel so relaxed after a massage, and the results can last for days afterward. This isn’t just because of the soothing touch and relaxing atmosphere. It’s also caused by a reduction in cortisol levels in your body, i.e. the stress hormone. Less cortisol lowers stress and anxiety levels, helping us feel more relaxed and to sleep better at night.

Boost immune system – Lymphocytes

After a single 45-minute massage, participants in a scientific trial were found to have increased levels of lymphocytes. While your red blood cells are responsible for transporting oxygen around the body, these white blood cells are in charge of fighting off disease and infection. So, higher levels of lymphocytes equates to a more efficient immune system, reducing your chances of getting ill.

Increase energy levels – Mitochondria

Something else you’ll find more of in your post-massage body is mitochondria. These are found inside the cells of your body and are responsible for respiration – the process that releases energy for our body to use. More mitochondria means higher energy levels, making you feel less lethargic.

Lower blood pressure – AVP

A hormone called arginine vasopressin, or AVP, is responsible for constricting your blood vessels, among other things. This means that less blood can flow through your body and to your muscles and organs. Studies have shown that massage can reduce AVP levels, therefore helping to lower blood pressure. This has a number of benefits, like improving heart health and reducing the risk of stroke and other conditions.

Boost your mood – Endorphins

Less stress and higher energy levels are bound to have positive effects on your mood, but it’s not just that. Massage has also been shown to boost the levels of endorphins in your brain. Increased levels of the endorphins serotonin and dopamine produces happy feelings, helping to boost our mood for some time after receiving a massage.

The proof is there, and many doctors are now recommending professional massage to their patients as a treatment for various ailments. Book a massage with us today to feel the benefits that massage can offer you, or get in touch to find out more about our services.